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Hi folks my name is John. My wife and I work together on a day-to-day basis here in Calgary and we want to share a new series of videos. Videos to help homeowners, maybe you or someone you know who are in a difficult situation.

We’ve been in those difficult situations in the past. Now our life has improved and we’re in a position where we can help share some of our better circumstances with others.

So today we want to cover some of the high points of what we can do but this is only going to focus on the big picture stuff. So why are we here? Well like I said we’re here to try and help homeowners who find themselves in a difficult or tough situation. To provide the help that we wish we had had.

Back in 1997 when we moved from Winnipeg to Calgary we had to sell our house in Winnipeg. By the time it was moving time we hadn’t been able to sell. The market in Winnipeg was slow things were just tough and we wound up in Calgary with two mortgages, 18 months of tough times.

We couldn’t sell the house, we couldn’t rent the house! You know if somebody had come along and said to us “we’ll buy your home, yeah it’ll be for a little bit less but we can complete the deal in a month”.

Well, we would have leapt at that opportunity! I mean what we would have saved in mortgage payments, in stress, in pain, in anguish! It would have more than made up for any difference in price that we would have received.

We now have an opportunity to help people like you in your difficult property situations:

  • be that situation like we had where you can’t sell a house and you’ve got to be moving
  • might be a pending foreclosure and you can’t leave that sit, it’s going to happen right away, it’s got to get cleaned up
  • maybe you’re in a divorce situation and you just need a quick settlement
  • you’ve had bad renters, we’ve had those and you just want to get out
  • maybe you’ve started reno’s and the reno’s … well you’re just in over your head. Again we’ve we’ve been in that kind of situation
  • maybe you have to deal with family or a close friend’s estate, the house has been around for years, it’s seen little in the way of updates and again it’s just one more added thing you don’t need to deal with now
  • perhaps you or your parents need to move into seniors accommodations and again the house is going to be too much

We’ll talk about these and other situations in which we may be able to help in future videos. Now we’re expecting to have videos out every couple of weeks or so.

Obviously this is a business and in our business we want to help! Though just like you we have to make ends meet. So, whatever solutions that we come up with, have to be a win for both of us.

We’ll always be honest with you, if it doesn’t look like it makes sense, if we don’t think we can help, we will let you know and we’ll let you know promptly.

So here’s a quick overview of what happens:

  • if you think we can help, fill out the contact sheet on the Next Steps page on our website or call us at 403-800-0611, and these will be posted again at the end of the video
  • please note we actually need to speak with you, so, your name, phone number and email are required. Please include the best time to contact you in the message portion.

Now that’s all the information that we need right now.

We’ll take a look at that,

  • we’ll give you a call – have a chat with you
  • get to know you a little
  • find out what your difficulties are
  • see if we can help

Now we can’t help in all situations and that’s part of what this call is about. If it looks like we can help:

  • we’ll likely arrange a time to come over, meet with you, chat with you further
  • take a look at your home.

At this point we’ll go away:

  • take some time
  • look at what options that we have to offer
  • how we might be able to help

Then we’ll get back in touch with you, we’ll sit down we’ll see if we can make solutions that work and win for all of us.

If you like what you’re hearing please subscribe to our YouTube channel at Roust the House.

Links to that and the other contact information will again be shown at the end of the video.
Now, if we can’t make this right for you, it’s not right for us.

We’ll talk to you again soon.