We Understand

We know what it is like to be struggling.  We had to move from Winnipeg to Calgary in 1997. The Winnipeg housing market was horribly slow, by moving day we were still not able to sell our home. Over the next eighteen months we were not able to sell or rent our home.  Carrying 2 mortgages was just killing us.

If someone had come along and said “Here, we can help you and buy your home now, yes at a discount, but we can complete the deal in 2 weeks”.  We would have jumped at the opportunity, what we would have saved in ongoing mortgage fees, stress, pain and anguish would more than have made up for the price we got from the sale.

We have the chance to help people like you get out of difficult situations with their homes because we know what it felt like. It gives us great satisfaction to help make other’s lives a little bit (or maybe a lot of bit) easier.

If we can’t make it right for you, then it is not right for us!

John Gatschuff

Your Hosts

We Can Help

Our goal: To assist home owners to resolve difficult situations. 

  • Foreclosure
  • this will impact your ability to get any type of loan or mortgage for 7 years or more.
  • Divorce, the need to get settled NOW
  • It is a difficult situation and whether you are the injured party or not, it hurts. The sooner a resolution can be reached, the better it will be for everyone.
  • Bad Renters
  • Can’t get good tenants
  • Can’t handle the missed payments and property damage


SW Calgary

My husband was transferred to Edmonton on short notice. We had to find a home in Edmonton and move our home in 6 weeks. We just did not have the time to jump through the hoops required to sell our home conventionally. It would take 2 or 3 months and we couldn’t afford to carry 2 mortgages.
John and Donna were able to purchase our house immediately. They gave us time to house hunt in Edmonton and make our move more leisurely than we could have hoped for.
Thank you for making it so easy,
D & A

SE Calgary

My Mom had to go into assisted living, leaving her home of 40 years. She loved her home, but it had not seen any improvements from the time they bought it.
I have done renovations over the years, but just could not see myself starting such a major job at age 61. We emptied as much as we could of my mother’s things. 10 loads later and we had just barely made a dent.
John and Donna purchased her home in 2 weeks, gave us enough time to remove the important things that my mother, myself and my siblings wanted and they took care of the rest.
They just made things so much easier for Mom and myself.
Thank you,